About A Crown Affaire


A Crown Affaire is unique in the respect that we are unlike most bridal shops or bridal boutiques. We only choose a small select sampling of the the very best manufactured bridal tiaras, bridal veils, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bridal jewelry, and accessories worldwide for our standard line. We do this so we may concentrate mainly on providing a complete customized ensemble. We offer standard bridal tiaras, bridal veils and wedding accessories as well as complete customized tiaras, veils and matching accessories.

We take pride in the fact that we utilize old world techniques to create most of our bridal tiaras and headpieces. That includes making almost everything by hand including beaded appliques, handmade silk and satin flowers, and beaded sprays.

We follow bridal fashions and current trends in the industry very closely. Attending trade shows, researching trade publications and traveling to wherever inspiration takes us. Using a fusion of timeless techniques and modern designs, we endeavor to create a bridal tiara or veil that is truly couture for a modern bride.

Although most bridal shops would say this is cost prohibitive, the reason we do this is simple. We believe in attention to detail. It is the little handmade touches that make all the difference. Touches that one cannot simply buy always off the rack. Our philosophy of making bridal couture is a concept we are sure you will agree with once you see the difference.

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Our custom pieces are rich in the tradition of a bygone era. Each tiara or veil is specially handcrafted using old world techniques that are centuries old. Techniques such as hand embellished appliques, delicate frosted wax sprays, and hand made silk and satin flowers of all blooming varieties. No attention to detail is spared in creating a timeless masterpiece that will make the bride truly feel like royalty and create for her A CROWN AFFAIRE.

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