About our Bridal Tiaras

Our Bridal Tiaras can be made in a choice of materials, colors, base metals and design combinations.

We make it easy for you to either pick from our standard line or to create your own custom bridal tiara, with the help of our error proof drop down boxes. This allows you to virtually custom design your own bridal tiara using our knowledgeable guidelines.

With our choice of pearl color, crystal color, and metal finish you are no longer limited in a fixed color, stone or pearl tiara style. Now you can decide what color, using what stone you want in a particular tiara style . The possibilities are almost endless.

In addition to offering a variety of materials we also offer the flexibility to choose just how grand you want your piece to be.This means you can if you so desire, you can either choose to have natural luster faux pearls or genuine freshwater pearls in a tiara. By doing this we allow you to keep within your budget without sacrifice by choosing another design. (Faux pearls are denoted simply as pearls or Natural Luster Imitation Pearls and genuine freshwater pearls are refereed to as freshwater) We feel all brides should be accommodated this way.

We use a variety of materials in our bridal tiaras including natural luster faux pearls, freshwater pearls, genuine Swarovski crystal and rhinestones, multi faceted crystals, multi faceted glass beads, imported glass beads and stones, semi precious stones and vintage beads.

We then combine these materials using old world techniques to create handmade appliques, handmade sprays, handmade leaves and hand made flowers of a number of blooming varieties .Handmade Flowers are one of our specialties. We are constantly coming up with new styles and designs in unique fabric and color combinations.  An entire line of our specialty handmade flowers are to premiere soon.  We can also make Custom handmade flowers to your specifications in any size or color and in almost any fabric. Just email us for a no obligation quote letting us know what you like. You can even send us a photo. No job is too little or small for us.

Our custom work however just doesn’t stop there. Lets say you like two of our headpieces and just can’t make up your mind on which one to buy. You like the beaded sprays in one, yet really want the flower in another.  We offer the flexibility in combining a design. We will attempt to endeavor to whip up exactly what you want. Just email us for a custom quote and the tiara of your dreams is a reality.

So if your looking for Choice, Quality and Craftsmanship as well as a unique design, look no further. We hope to be of service to You.

 A Crown Affaire

Please note that all tiaras and headpieces because of the fact that they are handmade take approximately 2 weeks to make. (excluding shipping time) We understand if you need a piece sooner and may be able to accommodate you by placing a rush order. Rush orders are available on select pieces,

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