Caring for your Bridal Tiara

A Crown Affaire wedding tiaras are deigned in number of base metals. They can be Nickel plated, Imitation Rhodium Plated or real 18K Gold Plated. Over time they will tarnish, however they can be restored with a soft cloth specifically made for metal available at most drug stores. Gently rub over the metal with the cloth to remove any tarnish.

If you should need to remove dirt, only spot clean. Test a small area first with a mild soap and tepid water. Avoid any harsh detergents, soaps or polishing agents. Freshwater Pearls, Crystals and other stones can be damaged or dulled by them. Avoid any antimicrobial soaps or any soaps containing lemon, tea tree oil  or citrus, since their astringent nature is also too caustic. Do not fully immerse tiara. Gingerly wash a small area at a time and pat dry.

Avoid excessive hairspray, since this can lead to a sticky buildup. If this happens gently wash with mild soap and tepid water and then pat dry. Do not immerse or soak, repeat several times if necessary.

Freshwater Pearls may over time may appear to change color or darken, this is not discoloration and is not considered to be a defect. This is completely natural. Real Pearls are organic and as such will change slightly over time.This adds to the natural beauty of the pearl.

These guidelines apply to wedding tiaras with Freshwater Pearls, Crystals and Glass stones. For information on the care of a wedding tiara with any fabric materials please refer to Caring for Fabric Flowers.

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