Caring for Fabric Flowers


A Crown Affaire designs some of it\’s Bridal Tiaras, Barrettes, Combs, and Headbands with  a combination of materials. These can in some cases include fabric trims, fabric embellishments and fabric flowers. Fabrics and other materials age. That is a fact that cannot be changed. There are some things however that can be done to lessen the severity of aging to preserve your tiara, headpiece, comb or barrette. With care you can help keep them looking the best they can be. To properly care for a piece with any fabric materials and best preserve your piece be sure to follow these simple guildlines.

Always store your bridal tiara, barrette, comb or headbnd by wrapping it in acid free ph paper. This paper helps to protect your piece from changing color or fading. It is Highly Recommended  to use this paper instead of ordinary tissue paper. Not only does it protect against light, (provided it is in a box and kept out of sunlight) but it also protects against fume fading. It will help to prevent your piece from turning a dingy yellow.

After wrapping your piece in acid free ph paper store your piece in a box. This box can be a hatbox preferably or a storage box that is not plastic. Do not store your piece in any plastic or plastic box. Over time plastic adds to the discoloration of fabric, even wrapped in acid free paper. Once your piece is in a box, an extra step of precaution is to wrap it in a clean soft cotton coth. Next place it in a dark place preferably with good ventilation. A closet is ok as long as it is not overcrowded and free from mold and mothballs.

Be mindfull to allow your piece sufficent room. Do not cram or scrunch your piece to get it in the box. Doing so will  disfigure any hand made flowers. Handmade flowers are made with heat, steam and pressure. If you attempt to steam them, they will loose shape and will be a flower no more. If they get bent or disfigured gently attempt to straighten them by hand. Do not steam.

As stated above, handmade flowers are made with heat, steam and pressure. Never under any circumstances use any water or attempt to clean them with any liquid. Doing so will cause the flower to loose shape, cause watermarks or worse fall apart. They are delicate. If any dirt should get on immediately get a fine brush, such as a small paintbrush and gently brush off the dirt. Better yet, if you have a have can of compressed air, gently spray off the dirt. Never use your fingers as they contain oil and will only smear the dirt in more.

Over time following these simple steps will help keep your bridal tiara, barette, comb, headband or handmade  flower looking as good as it can be for years to come.

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