wedding veil fabrics

 Wedding Veil Fabrics

Listed below is a small selection of bridal  terms that a new bride may want to consider when choosing a Wedding Veil.

  • Alencon Lace- Alencon Lace is traditional lace that is used in a lot of bridal veils and headpieces. It has a raised corded flower pattern to it. It is medium bodied and can be beautifully beaded or embellished. The finest alencon lace is imported from france.


  • Beading – Beading on a bridal veil or headpiece can be simplistic or all out flamboyant. Delicate seed beads,pearls,sequins,crystals and rhinestones are most often used in headpieces, veils and purses.


  • Chiffon- Chiffon is a semi transparent highly drapable fabric. It can in addition to being used on a wedding dress be used as bridal veiling fabric. See our tribute to Lady Guievere. It adds a sense of drama and mystery to the wearer.  It can be draped a number of ways, has a good hand and is medium weight. It can also be embroidered or beaded for extra flair.


  • Embroidery- Embroidery is the art of fine threadwork. The stiches sewn in opulent floral motiffs can be of several colors or even different tones within the same color family.  It was first practiced by skilled artisans and craftsmans centuries ago. Made entirely by hand it was often made for royalty or very important heads of state and the aristocricy. Fine hand Embroiderey is a true skill which is very time consuming as well as costly to incorporate in a bridal veil or headpiece. Fine hand embroidery work is couture at it’s finest.  The bridal veil embroidery of today which is mostly done by machine allows one to partake of a rich extravagence at affordabe prices.


  • Organza- Organza fabric is lightweight in body and semi transparent. it is somewhat stiff and can be described as having a crisp finish. It has a pain weave. It can be made of polyester, silk or a silk blend. A fine silk organza is most noticable in the weave and body of the fabric.  Sparkle organza is a premium organza that is very dressy. It’s shimmery effect resembles tiny sparkles of glitter woven into the fabric.


  • Tulle- Tulle is a type of netting. There are several types of tulle which are used for bridal veiling. They can be of a matte finish meaning they are not shiny or they can be called shimmer or glimmer which has a sheen to it. Originally netting was made with a needle or with bobbins. Tulle which is available in nylon is most comonly used for bridal veiling. It has a tiny holes and a soft hand to it. Tulle is also available in silk. Althought a luxury it has a softer texture and feel to it and is of a better quality.
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